You're in the right place!  I've renamed my business to create more simplicity and ease in your life.

How was your experience?

During our time together, we explored your vision and what’s possible for your business and your website. Our work together culminated in a beautiful design created to attract dream clients to your business, build connections and inspire them to explore what is possible in their lives.

This design is simply where the magic begins!

Are you excited? Tell me a bit about your experience during our collaboration.  I want to provide the best experience possible for all my clients.

At a loss for words?  No pressure!  Feel free to skip any questions you can't think of an answer for.

    General Questions

    Before our work together

    eg. frustrated at how to create a brand that would attract my ideal client, overwhelmed at how to layout my website, I just wanted to be guided through a process, etc.

    eg. I had grown and my website needed to reflect that, my website is out of date, I'm embarrassed to show my website, my website is not professional and doesn't build credibility, I want to reach more people, etc.

    eg. Slower growth, not reaching enough people, not having a brand that resonates with my ideal client etc.

    eg. I was losing 5 hours a week trying to coordinate meeting times. I was spending 4 hours a week trying to update my website rather than focusing on my coaching, etc.

    Your Decision Process

    eg. the price was a big investment for me, I didn't know if I would get a design that I loved, I was skeptical about how a website could be designed strategically, etc.

    Working Together

    Your results (after our work together)

    eg. I have new confidence in my business, so I plan to up my prices, I expect to get more inquiries to come through my website, I expect visitors to be able to quickly understand what I offer and how it enhances their life, etc.

    *Bonus points if you put some kind of number in here (dollar amount, percent or timeframe) eg. I plan to up the prices of my services by an average of 10% after launching the new design, my client base has doubled in the last year, I got more inquiries than ever before in my first month of launching my new website, my colleagues & clients comment on the seamless look/ease of use of the website, I feel really confident to send people to my new website, I used to spend hours trying to update my website, I used to spend days coordinating bookings, etc.

    Final Questions

    eg. trust her and trust her process - it works, you'll procrastinate on marketing your business until you update your website so just do it now, I wish I had done it sooner so I could have the confidence to focus on my business, etc.

    eg. she came highly recommended from someone I trusted, Crystal answered all my questions about web design and had some great creative ideas, she listened intently and invited me to step outside my comfort zone, etc.

    eg. I'm hoping to quit my daytime job over the next 3 months and follow my passion full time, I'm so excited to share my business now that I'm confident to share my website, I am looking forward to expanding my business now that I have an authentic brand, etc.

    Thank you so kindly for completing the feedback and testimonial form!

    I really appreciate your time!