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Almonte Celtfest

What they wanted …

An outdated and busy design was in dire need of a revamp to capture viewers’ attention and facilitate finding information on the website.

What we created  …

A complete redesign simplifying navigation with distinct areas for vendors, sponsors and social media was created.

The results …

Viewers were able to consistently find the information they were looking for with regards to the schedule, workshops and performers.  The colorful and fun graphics made the website more enticing and inspired a happy-go-lucky and carefree experience at the event.

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The “Before” and “After” Story


Original About Page


  1. Clover icons are used for navigation, they are located on a different area of each page, and they are in a different sequence on each page.
  2. The page is cluttered with icons, business logos, images and social media that are positioned in different areas on each page
  3. The social media buttons are located at the bottom of the About page but are not available on the other pages.



Original Schedule Page

  1. Clover icons used for navigation have moved from the top left to the bottom left, the order has changed and two are no longer available.
  2. Access to the Workshops is only available via the Clover icons and not in the main menu.
  3. The Social Media icons are no longer available.



Original Volunteer Page


  1. Clover icons used for navigation have moved from the bottom left to the top right, the order has changed again and two more have been added back in.
  2. Paragraphs are centered and cumbersome to read.
  3. The Social Media icons are still not available.
  4. The Click to Volunteer button is obliterating text that cannot be read by viewers.



Redesigned Website


  1. A consistent layout was established so that viewers knew exactly where to find information on each page.
  2. Consistent navigation was introduced using the top main menu.  Removing the clover icons simplified the navigation and cleaned up the clutter.  Viewers were able to locate all pages (including the Workshop page) using the top menu.
  3. Business logos were segregated onto two separate pages – one for Vendors and one for Sponsors – so it was crystal clear to viewers who the sponsors were.  Sponsors were also highlighted on the main page at the top right to emphasize the fact that they were helping fund the event.
  4. Media videos and photos were  added to a separate gallery page where viewers could enjoy browsing through them.
  5. The social media buttons found a home at the top right of the page so that viewers knew where to find them on every page.