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Website Updates

Woman updating her website so she can charge more money for her services.

Will updating your website allow you to charge more for your work?

I get it.  Your days are full of busy to-do lists, client work and there’s no room for creativity.  You haven’t updated your website in a several months and possibly years.  I hear you, and I get it.

Because I’ve been there …

But I’m not anymore.

What if I told you that your website updates don’t have to be time-consuming or complicated.  From content updates to new images, all the way to testimonials and case studies, I have a few tricks up my sleeve …

What if I gave you five tips to getting out of a rut and back into the art of it all?  Are you ready to save time and make money all while elevating your brand?  Then you’re in the right spot!

Today I am digging into my go-to website tactics that will relieve stress, elevate your brand, and, you guessed it, generate profits!  Regardless of what you do, here is my sure fire way to website updates that will make magic.

Why does an outdated website keep you stuck in a cycle of low value clients?

Imagine for a moment that you are walking down the street looking for a new outfit with matching accessories for a dinner party on Saturday night.  Most shops look the same and don’t stand out.  Some of them actually deter you because their window showcase is a mishmash of store items.  They consist of an array of different clothing types, they don’t have matching accessories and you can’t picture what the items look like together as an outfit.  You can tell the storefront window has not been updated in a while because the clothes are outdated and you can even see an old pop can in the back corner (those details matter, don’t they?).  There is nothing inviting about this store.  You are not even tempted to enter the store and don’t believe that they would offer anything of value.  All of this from your first impression of the store front.

Your website is an invitation into your business.

Similar to a storefront, the first impression of your website can determine the perceived value of what you have to offer.  Like the storefront, a poorly designed website can:

  • Deter visitors from exploring your offers because your website isn’t polished and inviting.
  • Lead to your business being perceived as low quality or low value if it appears to be a DIY website. In other words, your visitors may not take you seriously if you’re not investing in your website.
  • Cause you to be overlooked because visitors don’t understand what you offer, the benefits of your services and how it will enhance their life.
  • Undermine your credibility if your messaging doesn’t position you as an expert with content and social proof that build trust and authority.
  • Create missed opportunities because you’re too embarrassed to send people to your website.

First impressions can make or break your business.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a few thoughtful changes, you can change the perceived value of what you have to offer and actually charge what you're worth.

Intentional website updates can help you attract higher paying clients

A website that is intentionally designed in a thoughtful manner allows you to command higher prices.  It gives you more confidence and you will be proud to send your clients to your website.  And increased confidence leads to more credibility that you can deliver the results you promise.

If you want people to value you, your services and your business, your website needs to be designed with the following strategies in mind:

  • Ensure that your website is professional and polished – the little details will give your visitors a sense of ease and trust.
  • Create an amazing customer experience leading your visitors on a journey through your website so they get to know, like, and trust you to the point of buying.
  • Craft compelling messaging that clearly describes the value you provide and the results your buyers can expect.
  • Provide imagery and content that evoke emotions in your visitors so they feel understood and can picture themselves working with you and how their lives will be after working with you – you want your website to resonate with your ideal client.
When people believe that you can deliver the results that you promise, they can picture themselves working with you, they get excited about working with you, and they can picture how life will be after working with you.

Speaking of promises, I promised you five tips to update your website so that you can elevate your brand and raise your prices.   So, let’s get started!

Website update #1 - Curate high-resolution images that resonate with your ideal clients

As much as we don’t like to admit it, our first impressions are typically visual.  And they matter!  When you visit an open house, what do you typically take in?  The “For Sale” Sign?  Or the house?  The landscaping? The front entrance?  The gardens?  You have a visual experience of the house as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Images will amplify your brand, create an instant connection with your visitors and help them picture themselves working with you. If you don’t have beautiful photos of yourself yet, there are thousands of amazing stock photo websites where you can download inspirational brand images.  These are some of my favourites:

Have you heard this before ...

People buy based on emotions and justify based on facts.

The photos on your website can help you evoke those emotions so that your visitors can picture themselves working with you.

Now that you’ve got your imagery working for you, let’s move on to the facts so you can build trust and authority.

Website update #2 - Make it crystal clear what you offer and how you help

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitor so you’ll want to do it swiftly and effectively.  The easiest way to engage your visitor is to clearly describe what you offer and how it will enhance their life.    They need to know what’s in it for them, that you understand what their challenges are and that you are the best solution to their problem. You know that feeling when you feel completely understood and you almost wonder if they’ve been reading your journal, that’s the kind of information you want to include.

When people know what to expect, they are more inclined to invest.

Tip ⇒ Want to make your offer more effective?  Make sure it is above the fold on your website.

Website update #3 - Sprinkle testimonials with impact

There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving a glowing testimonial from your favourite client.  You’ve spent hours exploring options and creating the perfect solution to help them overcome their challenge.  They’ve loved working with you and can’t stop talking about how “nice” you are.  Your feathers have been perfectly fluffed, and yet, you know there’s something missing.  Is it really just fluff?

In today’s competitive market, being nice is not enough.  Your testimonial will get lost in the see of fluff in the online world.

People want to know that you can give them the outcome they are looking for.

Do they have more energy?  Are they sleeping better?  Do they have more mobility?  Are they feeling more confident to dress up and go out?  Are they making more money?  Do they have more time to spend with their family?

Craft testimonials that sound like you've already solved the problem for other clients.

You get the gist of it.  If you sprinkle meaningful testimonials throughout your website as social proof, people will get excited about working with you knowing that you will deliver on your promises.  It gives them hope knowing that if somebody else can do it, so can they.  And the better the results, the more people are willing to pay for what you offer.

Website update #4 - Create content that empathizes, educates and engages

I’m always blown away at how much I learn every time I connect with a nutritionist.  Many people initially contact a nutritionist to lose weight which usually means eating healthier.  Who doesn’t want to look good and feel great in their clothes, right? Not having to worry if those pants are going to fit, or if your belly will bulge against your new top.

The challenge with promoting weight loss is that the market is inundated with information on this topic. However, you can take this as an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market by educating your audience on the plethora of other benefits to eating in a healthy and intentional way.  Many people don’t realize how eating better can impact their mood, improve their sleep, minimize brain fog, to name a few. Sprinkle in a bit of empathy and ask your audience to share their biggest challenge and you’ve got a great formula to increase connection and engagement.

When you show that you understand your audiences’ pain and frustration along with their vision and dreams and share solutions, you position yourself as an expert and they know they can count on you to find the answers they need.

When people understand the value they can expect, they are more willing to invest in what you have to offer.

And if the value exceeds their expectations (i.e. through your education), they are willing to pay more.

Website update #5 - Share your Portfolio and/or Success Stories

Can you recall reading a story of someone else’s success and thought – “Wow, I could do that!  If she can do it, I can do it!”  What a great feeling, right?   When negativity is transformed into hope.  That’s the magic of a case study.

A powerful case study describes how a client felt before they invested, what objections they may have had, and how the experience transformed their lives.

Case studies are like glorified testimonials that elaborate on real life experiences and the benefits people can expect from working with you.

Showing your work through portfolios and success stories builds trust and positions you as an authority who follows through on your promises.  Having a variety of case studies demonstrates all the different kinds of challenges you help people overcome as well as all the benefits your clients can expect.  The best thing about case studies and portfolios is that they promote your value without an ounce of sleazy marketing.

When people see proof of the results you provide, they are more inclined to invest in your services at the price you request.

Tip ⇒ Don’t have time to keep your portfolio up-to-date?  You can use a plugin to showcase your Instagram feed on your website where all your beautiful creations will show up auto-magically.

Which website update will you start with?

You deserve to have a website and online presence that elevates your brand, attracts more of your dream clients and empowers you to charge more for your work.

Your website is available 24-7 for people to find, so why not have it shine for you.  With compelling messaging, the right guidance and engaging design, your journey to grow your business will be intentional and empowering without the confusion and overwhelm.

This is something I help my clients create every single day – intentional design.  If you’d like to talk about your updates and strategize about your website.  I’d love to talk.

There’s never any pressure on my strategy calls.  My goal is to understand what you and your business need, and guide you in the right direction.

Contact me for your free consult call.

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Computer showing website updates to get more clients.

7 Website updates to get more clients

Attracting and engaging new clients involves creating a customer experience journey that delights and resonates with your visitors. Here's how.

Last week, I noticed a stunning flower in my garden that really stood out.  It was spectacular with its brilliant deep pink colour and perfectly formed petals.  It reminded me of us, as Entrepreneurs, as we are coming into a new season.   As the new season approaches, plants attempt to propagate their species by flourishing, blooming and generating seeds so they can regenerate themselves in the spring.  Like the flower, we have an opportunity to create spectacular results so we can thrive in this upcoming quarter.

Now is the time to rise up and finish strong and beautiful, just like a blooming flower.

Getting more clients is one way to ensure that your business is successful in this new season.

Like a flower, your website is a visual representation of your business and it’s important to give it the care it needs so your true gifts shine through.  There are several strategies you can use to attract and engage clients on your website but first, let’s take a look at the three common mistakes people make on their website that create obstacles to converting visitors into clients.

Three common website mistakes that create obstacles to converting visitors into clients.

Your visitors don’t understand what you offer

Have you ever gone to a website and walked away completely confused as to what they offer?  There’s lots of words and aspirational phrases but you can’t figure out how they help or who they help.  The website showed up on your google search page and appeared to solve the problem you were looking for but once you landed on the website, the message was lost.  You know what happens next, you leave the website in search of a more promising solution and never return again.

Get more clients by clarifying your offer.

According to statistics, you have less than 30 seconds to engage your visitors so you need to be crystal clear on what you do.  This is not the time to be cute or clever – don’t make your prospects guess.  Keep it really simple and tell them what your service is and who you help.

Your content refers to features rather than benefits and results

Creating compelling copy for your website that resonates with your visitors can feel like a black art that only gifted copywriters can accomplish.  Sometimes the easiest approach may be to simply list the features you provide.  For example, a nutritionist might indicate that they provide three coaching sessions with one week of menu planning and a vitamin plan.  Although your buyers should understand exactly what they are getting, they also need to know how this will help them solve their problems and transform their lives.  Explaining the benefits they can expect will differentiate you from the competition and have a higher probability of converting your leads into clients.

A more compelling description might be:

  • Three coaching sessions to identify your mindset blocks so you can overcome your limiting beliefs and lose your unwanted weight permanently.
  • One week of menu planning that takes the guessing out of healthy choices so you can focus on your exercise routine.
  • A vitamin plan that supports your immune system and optimizes your digestion and energy so you can maximize your weight loss success without feeling drained and depleted.
Get more clients by letting them know the results they can expect.

Focusing on the benefits and results creates a more compelling reason to buy by listing benefits that resonate with your buyers.

Your visitors are confused about how to buy from you

In an effort to include all the “stuff” on our website, it can be easy to forget to add the most important step in our visitors buying journey – what steps are required to complete the sale.  Your visitors are easily distracted with all the online popups and tabs flashing and beeping at them, enticing them to pursue the next shiny object.  If you don’t make it excruciatingly simple for them to take the next steps, you will lose their attention and potentially another client.

Get more clients by creating a clear call-to-action.

You can easily solve this problem by strategically adding buttons and links throughout your site with direct call-to-actions such as: Buy Now, Buy Today, Contact Us, Call, Email us Now, Book your call, Subscribe to our Newsletter, Sign up for our Membership.

Eliminating the obstacles to conversion is the first step to make it easy for potential clients to work with you.  Here are seven more tips to engage and attract more clients to your business.

7 Website updates to make it easy for potential clients to work with you

Create an exceptional customer experience on your website

Although your visitors may have connected with your through social media, your website is an opportunity to introduce them to the full breadth of your business and how you can transform their lives.  The best way to do that is to take them on a guided journey through your website by introducing them to what you offer, how it enhances their life and what they need to do to work with you.  For example, a guided journey could look like the following:

  • Your visitor lands on your homepage and explores your offer,
  • You guide them to your about page to learn more about you,
  • You invite them to explore your portfolio to view your work so you can build credibility,
  • You guide them to your testimonials page for social proof so you can build trust,
  • You invite them to contact you,
  • If they’re not ready for contact, then you invite them to read your blog and sign up for your newsletter so you can continue to engage them.

Each step of this journey allows your visitors to get to know you a bit better until they are ready to buy from you.

Make it easy for visitors to contact you on your website

Have you ever visited a website but can’t figure out how to do business with them?  If a visitor decides they are ready to buy but can’t readily find a way to get in touch with you, they will quickly get frustrated and find another business to solve their problem.  Having multiple ways to contact you allows them to make the buying decision quickly and easily.  This can be achieved by having a Contact button on every page, in your sidebar and footer so your buyers don’t have to search every page to connect with you and begin the sales process.

Collect testimonials that convert and sprinkle them throughout your website

When your visitors believe that you can deliver the results you promise, they can picture themselves working with you.  They get excited about working with you.  And they can imagine what life will look life after working with you.

The question is, how can you evoke these emotions in your visitors?  Ask your clients these three questions and post snippets of their testimonials throughout your website.  This will not only build trust and credibility, it will show you're an expert and encourage potential clients to book work with you.

  • What challenges were you facing before working together?
  • What were the ramifications of not having a solution to this problem?
  • How has our work together improved the challenges you were facing?

Create an FAQ that builds trust

You’ve created this amazing customer journey through your website guiding, empathizing and educating your reader but they still have some hesitation to taking the next step.  An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page serves multiple purposes, one of which is addressing concerns and managing objections.  Questions can range from “Why does it cost this much?” to “What is your refund policy?”  Not only is this an opportunity to educate your visitors on the value of your service, it can convert your readers into buyers.

Design a freebie that showcases your expertise

People are always looking for free resources and though you may feel that giveaways can be cheesy, it's an opportunity to show your value, attract more clients to your website and build your email list.  A well-crafted eBook or checklist that helps your visitors solve a problem, saves time or improves their life in some way shows them that you are here to help.  The freebie showcases your expertise and can lead them into taking the next step of working with you and/or referring you to someone who can benefit from your services.

Create a blog that builds authority

I know what you’re thinking!  A blog?  I barely have time to do my work, never mind create a blog.  Blogs don’t need to be complicated.  They are simply a means for you to provide value to your readers, solve a problem and educate them on the benefits of your services.  Blog posts allow you to create a connection with your readers, build trust and inspire them to take action which will eventually lead to a new client.

Drive traffic to your website

Once you have your website updated to maximize engagement and guide them to purchase, the next step is to drive traffic to your website.  You could have the most beautiful and strategic website in the world, but it is not very effective if people don’t know about it.  This is where you can use Social Media to let people know about your new blog posts, your freebie and the services your offer.  The beauty of Social Media is that it allows you to connect and build relationships with potential clients, be of service, and then inspire them to explore your website where you have the opportunity to guide them on a journey to work with you.

How will you know if your website updates are working?   You’ll get more clients.

It can be overwhelming tackling the website updates and getting the testimonials.  You might need to follow up and get some help.  You might provide a fair bit of content before getting a return.  Staying committed to doing a little bit on a consistent basis will help your business succeed.  Your perseverance will be rewarded with more clients.

When the leads start to trickle in, celebrate and express your gratitude.  Guide them through your amazing journey so they can experience the transformation that you promised.  And don’t forget to ask for their feedback so you can add yet another testimonial to your website and keep the momentum going.

Want a little help getting started?  You can focus on what you do best and I'll take care of the details.  Let's get started.

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