You're in the right place!  I've renamed my business to create more simplicity and ease in your life.

My work creates beauty in unexpected and surprising ways.

My life is filled with a passion for creating and appreciating beauty… finding gifts in unexpected places and uncovering the natural joy hiding just beneath the surface of what most people see. In that way, my passion is much like yours.

We transform lives by exploring possibilities, fixing what is broken, and inspiring growth. Our work creates beautiful energy in the world… and that’s the passion that unites us.

My work transforms your website into a true expression of your passion and expertise. We partner together in this work, creating a true reflection of your business. The result is a website that attracts, engages, and inspires healing in the lives of others. This is my mission… helping you transform the lives of everyday people; helping you reach those in need with your voice.

My qualifications? A lifetime of experiences and a vision for possibility.

Web design is the perfect union of my technical ability, strategic expertise, and creative vision. Not only do I have the pleasure of creating beautiful and functional websites, I’m inspired by my clients and the passion they bring to their work. I simply love what I do!

Building upon my Computer Science Degree from Queen’s University, I worked in the High Tech industry for over 20 years. My focus was end-user experience and developing software that was easy to use, functional, and effective. While doing this work, I raised three wonderful sons - two of whom are dyslexic.Thus began a new dimension of creativity and truly understanding human nature and behavior - as well as a deep dive into Alternative Healing and natural wellness.

These experiences (and the wisdom and insight I’ve gained as a result) are the foundation of my web design approach. I combine technical expertise and creative insight to develop authentic, engaging websites that create a real connection with viewers.

My work elevates yours by making the wisdom you share engaging and compelling for potential clients. Together we transform lives by reaching into the lives of everyday people with your message of hope.

Sound like just what you’re looking for? Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Hey, Crystal here!

Web Designer, strategist and founder of Simplicity and Design.  People say I have an intuitive gift for translating your vision into a beautiful brand that you will absolutely love.  Pride in your website translates into confidence and confidence leads to success.  And that's what I want for you.