You're in the right place!  I've renamed my business to create more simplicity and ease in your life.

Why I changed my business name to Simplicity And Design

Why I changed my business name to Simplicity and Design

Does your business name light you up?  Does it resonate with your dream clients!  Does it capture your brand essence?  Wondering if you should change your name?  Here's my story and why I'm thrilled I did.

I’ve changed my business over from “Creative Integration Web Design” (now that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) to “Simplicity and Design” and I am thrilled with my new name.

Sometimes you just need a little expansion in your life to inspire a business name that lights you up.

Here’s the story behind the transition to my new business name and of course, the ever important why behind it all.

I started my business a few years back with the intention of creating beautiful designs for my clients and to spread the word about the magic of holistic healing.

When I started my business, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a business startup workshop over the summer.  It was exactly what I needed and the universe provided for me.   Of course, part of the completion activities was registering a business name.  At that point, I knew my intention was to make things as simple as possible for my clients so I explored combinations and permutations of names that included “Simple”, “Simply” and “Just” :

  • Simple Web Designs
  • Simply Websites
  • Just Web Designs
  • etc.

Many people raised the concern that these business names gave the impression that I only created simple websites.  That is, websites that were simple in design with little or no strategy for attracting and engaging clients.  The names did not convey my intention of creating an experience of simplicity and ease for my clients.

And so, I did what most aspiring new entrepreneurs do … I invited family and friends to provide ideas and they enthusiastically suggested names that included “Crystal”.  Although I love the name my mother gave me, it just did not resonate with me for a business name.

Rather than choose from the heart, I used logic and launched the birth of my new business under Creative Integration Web Design.  It embraced the creative aspect of my business as well as the intention of integrating beauty and strategy to create gorgeous websites.  Although the name satisfied the criteria, I always felt that it was too long and I didn’t love it.  Plus, people found it difficult to remember.

Why did I change my business name? I wanted my clients to experience a sense of ease.

Fast forward to 2021.  We downsized, sold our house and I moved into this beautiful apartment that lights me up.  It was a big move from a 4 bedroom 2 storey house down to a 2 bedroom apartment.  There were lots of touchups that needed to be done on the house and logistics that needed to be ironed out.  Throughout the entire process, I found myself saying over and over “Simplicity and ease!  Simplicity and ease!  Simplicity and ease!

From staging the house,  the fast paced realtor activities and the final lawyer visit.

This became my mantra – over and over -  “Simplicity and ease!  Simplicity and ease!  Simplicity and ease!

And it was so!  Simplicity and ease flowed into my life.  Literally!

I noticed that I started saying this to my clients.  Including it in my emails.  Mentioning it on Instagram.

Then one day, it dawned on me – “Simplicity and Design” – it totally and completely resonated with me for my business name.  It encompassed the simplicity and ease that I am passionate about bringing to my clients and the gorgeous visual designs that I love dreaming up for my clients.  Creating a brand and a beautiful engaging website can be a daunting and overwhelming process and I aspire to lead my clients through this experience with simplicity and ease.

Changing your business name can re-ignite your passion and purpose.

What happened next?  Fear.  Overwhelm. Resistance.  It was going to be too hard.  It was going to be too much work.  Did I really need to do this?

But it felt so right.  So I started exploring the possibility.

The universe was nudging me in the right direction.  As it turns out, my original business name had expired – I had forgotten that I had to renew it every 5 years.  This was the sign I needed.

Yes, I could have gone with, that would have been the easy route.  But it just didn’t light me up.  It felt boring.  Plus, who knows?  Maybe one day I may have the opportunity to sell my business and it can be easier to sell your business if your business name is not associated with your personal name.

The more I let go of the fear of changing my business name, the more I embraced my new name and the energy around it.  It created a mindset shift of simplicity and ease for me as well as renewed excitement around offering the best possible experience for my clients.

I fell in love with my business all over again and felt a renewed sense of authenticity and connection with my clients.  A breath of ease!

You know that web design involves a whole lot more than just pretty pictures and compelling content.

Without a plan on how to explore your brand, create your key design elements and define a flow through your website to engage your visitors, you can get lost in the sea of details.

Where do I start with my website?

  • What colors should I pick?
  • What fonts will be right for my brand?
  • What kind of photos do I need?
  • How do I write my content?
  • What goes on my homepage?
  • How do I convert visitors into clients?

This is why I love what I do.  I love exploring your vision, and with your input, creating a design that you love and resonates with your visitors.

I want you to be excited about embarking on this journey and eliminate the overwhelm.

I want you to embrace the web design experience and feel like you are co-creating every step of the way.

And my process will allow you to be guided every step of the way, easily and effortlessly.

You see, I want the best for you and your business.  I want you to exceed your wildest dreams.  And I want your website to make you smile … every single time you look at it.

And my promise to you is that you will experience all of this with as much simplicity and ease as I can possibly deliver.

Thinking of changing your business name?  You can get started with these tips.

  • Write a paragraph about your mission, your values and how you want to help your clients. Then extract the key words that have meaning for you and your ideal clients.
  • Create a mind map to lay out all the possibilities and permutations to explore potential business names. Look at other business names of existing businesses to see if they spark new ideas.
  • Brain storm – ask family and friends for ideas. They may just plant the seed you need to explore other possibilities.
  • Keep it short – if your website name is too long, potential clients won’t be able to remember it.
  • Remember, nothing is cast in stone. You can always change it later if you really feel called to it.

Your business name should light you up when you talk about it!

People will feel your excitement and your energy will be contagious.  And that’s what will make you memorable.

My mission is to create an experience that creates this excitement with simplicity and ease.

I love designing websites and helping you define your brand.

I love the journey of discovering your brand.

I love the creative aspect of introducing design elements, fonts and colours that capture your essence, resonate with your followers so that you can reach and transform more lives.

This is what I want for you …

  • Simplicity and ease in your business.
  • Simplicity and ease in attracting more clients to your business.
  • Simplicity and ease in designing a brand and website that lights you up.

So there you have it!  This is why I made the shift and I’d like to personally welcome you to the new!

Welcome to Simplicity and Design where your questions are answered with simplicity and ease.

I get it, hiring a web designer is a big investment and  you may have more questions.  These posts will help you get more clarity on your decision:

Still have more questions?  You can contact me for a free consultation. During our time together, we’ll explore your vision and what’s possible for your business and your website. Our work together starts with a custom proposal once we’re both excited to work together…

This call is simply where the magic begins!