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Woman relaxing to get more energy and clarity in her business using homeopathy.

How I use homeopathy to get more energy and clarity in my business

“It’s frustrating, isn’t it?  Oh the shame!  To know that your son has a learning disability.”, said the guidance counselor, trying to empathize with me.  I left her office that afternoon and cried my eyes out.  Not because I was ashamed of my son or because I was disappointed in his ability because he is truly gifted in so many ways.  I was feeling hopeless because the only suggested option was to put him on medication.  I worried about the side effects, the toxicity, the numbness that many kids feel when on these types of medication.

Exploring holistic healing alternatives to modern medicine

So, I got curious and started exploring other options and stumbled upon homeopathy at the local drugstore one day.  The pharmacist recommended a homeopathic remedy to help with my son’s asthma and it worked.

Until one day he was home with a fever of 105, very lethargic and coughing until he was throwing up – I was worried about Meningitis.  I rushed him to emergency where they gave him Tylenol and put him on a Ventolin respirator to soothe the asthma.  It worked until we got back home and the uncontrollable coughing started up again.

I called my homeopath who suggested a remedy based on his symptom of coughing uncontrollably when he took a sip of water.

Within 3 minutes, the coughing stopped, miraculously.

I was blown away at how fast it worked, given that it usually took 6 weeks on puffers to get the coughing under control.  It was magical.  I was so impressed that I signed up for courses through the British Institute of Homeopathy – this is a story for another day.


Is self-care last on your list for you as well?

As Entrepreneurs, we can so easily get wrapped up in our business and work tirelessly without much thought to our own self-care.  And then we crash.  We have no resources left to deal with anything else, we are just a puddle of emotional mush.  Have you ever experienced that?  I have.  Many times.

When my father died, I was working for a manager who I just did not connect with.  I was working on a large important project when I got the news that he didn't have much time left and knew I had to fly out to Vancouver to spend some time with my Dad before he passed.  However, all my boss was worried about was his big project and his success.  I didn’t know how long I would be gone and was prepared to bring a laptop to work remotely.  I worked tirelessly through my Thanksgiving family weekend to prepare some documentation for the project – which went very unappreciated.  Then I flew out west with my brother to spend quality time with my dad, who died an hour after we arrived.  It was bittersweet.

My mind was muddled.  I was overwhelmed.  I couldn't think straight.

Needless to say, when I came back, I was feeling very distraught with my boss, who just kept on pushing.  To the point where I was exhausted and couldn’t think straight.  I finally made an appointment with my homeopath.   Within one week of taking the homeopathic remedy, I was sleeping well, had significantly more energy and tremendous clarity.  It was truly miraculous.

On top of my already very busy schedule, my boss was asking me to complete two more activities.  The week before, I would have stayed up late, worked weekends to complete everything only to have no appreciation.  When my boss asked for the extra work, I suggested that something had to give.  He wouldn’t budge.  I asked about priorities.  He wouldn’t budge.  I then walked him through the pros and cons of each, recommended the highest priority activity, and indicated that I would be working on this unless he suggested otherwise.

I was clear. I was succinct. I was confident.

This was a game changer for me and only elevated my passion to learn more about homeopathy.

It's hard to let go of negative thoughts and anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and hopeless about your business can often happen when we are overly worried and not sleeping well.  It’s hard to let go of the negative thoughts and anxiety.  We need something to turn things around especially when we don’t have the willpower and fortitude to do it on our own – we are just feeling stuck.  Sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Although I try to stay consistent with a few other practices such as mindfulness, journaling and exercise, homeopathy is my go to holistic healing modality that I turn to for any ailments that affect my body, mind and spirit.  No matter what I take a remedy for, I usually know it’s working because I have four positive side effects that I always experience.

Why I use homeopathy

Although I try to stay consistent with a few other practices such as mindfulness, journaling and exercise, Homeopathy is my go to holistic healing modality that I turn to for any ailments that affect my body, mind and spirit.  No matter what I take a remedy for, I usually know it’s working because I have four positive side effects that I always experience.

Homeopathy increases my energy

The beauty of homeopathic remedies is that they are known to treat the whole body.  Often, the first thing I notice when I take a homeopathy remedy is that I get a burst of  energy because I start to feel better almost immediately.  Particularly when I take a remedy for muscle aches or when I have over-indulged, my pains are alleviated and I can continue on with my day.  This is especially helpful when I have a deadline looming and can’t afford the downtime, although I still need to ensure that I get enough rest for my body to heal.

Homeopathy improves my sleep

One of the things I love most about the remedies is that 90% of the time, I sleep more deeply and wake up feeling better rested.  Whether it is a remedy for body aches from working in my garden, a cold or a flu, my symptoms are alleviated enough for me to not be kept awake by them and sleep more soundly.  Isn’t this every Entrepreneur’s dream to get a great night’s sleep so you can wake up refreshed and ready to embrace your day?

Homeopathy gives me more clarity

Do you ever have those days when you just can’t make a decision?  Or you just can’t focus, feeling in a state of panic, working on everything but not really achieving anything.  I have those moments too.  Often it is because I am overtired or feeling overwhelmed with my business.  If deep breathing doesn’t help me on those days, I will take a homeopathic remedy.  Almost instantly, my energy returns and I can move forward with my day with more clarity and intention.

Homeopathy detoxes my body

I take great solace in knowing that homeopathic remedies are healing my whole body.  One side effect I have noticed in particular is that my body responds to remedies by purging in some matter.  It can be that my nose starts running or I may cough up phlegm, but most often I experience mild diarrhea ( I know, not something we want to talk about).  But I do take comfort in knowing that my body is experiencing a natural cleanse which can only improve my overall health.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was developed in the late 18th century by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, who wanted safer solutions to healing than the barbaric methods like blood letting.  He believed in the principle of minimum dose and “like cures like”.   For example, the remedy Allium Cepa is made from onion, and is diluted in water 1030th times – the dilution is so much so that scientists cannot detect the original substance from which it was derived. Based on the premise of “like’cures like”, Allium Cepa can help with colds or allergies where the person suffers from a runny nose, watery eyes and burning sensations (you know that feeling when you are chopping an onion). Some practitioners refer to it as an energetic healing modality because the remedy is succussed (shaken) 100 times every time it is further diluted.

Homeopathy is a gentle form of energy healing that stimulates your body to heal itself.

The remedy is chosen based on the symptoms the undiluted substance can cause (like the onion remedy Allium Cepa) and acts as a catalyst to start the healing process in your body.

My 5 go-to remedies that I use to keep focused and energized

I use homeopathy in my every day life to maintain balance and well-being – it's simply part of my holistic living practice.  Although I call on my homeopathic practitioner to help with chronic and more complex life issues, I use homeopathy to treat any acute conditions I may be experiencing.  I’ve listed a few of my favourites below.

Homeopathic remedy for anxiety

Although I tend to be a worrier (and warrior) at heart, there are times that I am overly anxious about things, especially when I am anticipating a bad outcome.  During these periods of anxiety, I have difficulty focusing and I feel exhausted.  In those cases, I will take a dose of Gelsemium to ease my worries so I can focus on moving forward.  Almost instantly, my energy increases, my concentration improves and I sleep like a baby that night.

Homeopathic remedy for teeth clenching

What do you do when you get stressed?  Shallow breathing?  Overindulge on junk food? Stay up too late?

I do all of the above!  And those are habits that I have a better awareness of and can manage (or not – I do love my sweets).  However, I have one nasty habit that I don’t notice until my teeth start to hurt.  I clench my teeth when I’m stressed.  Clenching your teeth can lead to all kinds of nasty and painful issues, including root canals – ouch!  Thankfully, I’ve only had to have one root canal and have probably avoided a few others since I started taking Plantago Major.  I get instant relief when I take the remedy, and although I may need to take a few more doses, it also helps to improve my clarity.

Homeopathic remedy for overwork

What’s your favourite activity when you’re not working?  Is it biking? Running?  Gardening?

Most Entrepreneurs are extremely passionate about everything they do.  Does that sound like you?

You probably work hard and play hard too!

A couple of my favourite activities are decorating and gardening.  Given that I sit at my desk most of the day, when I overindulge in any kind of physical activity, I can feel it in every bone and muscle in my body – which then affects my sleep and spills over into my work day the next day.

My “go to” remedy for general muscle aches from over activity is Arnica Montana.  Pop a couple of pellets and you’ll sleep like a baby while the remedy stimulates your muscles to heal.

Homeopathic remedy for heartburn

You know, that burning feeling in your throat and you feel like you’re just not digesting your food.  Although there are a number of causes for heartburn, for me, it is not caused from eating spicy food – cue Friday night chicken wings were never an issue.  More often than not, heartburn occurs when I eat carbs like pizza and mashed potatoes – cue Saturday movie night and Thanksgiving dinner.  Sometimes, when I’m really stressed, it doesn’t matter what I eat – I get heartburn.

Once again, when I have heartburn, sleeping can be a challenge.  That’s when I fall back to Nux Vomica.  It works like a charm and I can continue on with my activities without the burn.

Homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness

For the most part, I try to ensure I get out for a walk every day, do some yoga stretches and practice deep breathing to relax.  However, there are some nights where I just can’t fall back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.  On those occasions, I take a dose of Coffea Cruda  which helps ease my racing thoughts and puts my body into a state of complete relaxation.  On occasion, when taken on a Friday night, I have been known to sleep in until 11:00 am the next morning.  This tells me that my body really needed the extra sleep.

Homeopathy is part of my why

We all have a deep rooted reason for being an Entrepreneur, whether it is based on a story from your past, a friend in need or your own child.  I love beautiful things and this is part of the reason why I love Web Design.  But it wasn’t enough.  Until I remembered how passionate I am about holistic healing and the miraculous effects it can have on stimulating the body to heal itself.

I always used to ask my homeopathy teacher...  Can homeopathy help with this issue?  Can it help with that symptom?  So many holistic healers are very humble and don’t want to brag about all the successes they’ve had.  People don’t know what they don’t know unless you educate them and show them how you can help.

My mission is to help holistic healers get their message out so they can help their clients heal naturally and wholly.

My go to resources for Homeopathy

Besides all the text books I purchased for my courses and my 700 pages of notes from my trusted homeopathic teacher and healer, Arup Bhattacharya, I follow Joette Calabrese’s blog.  One of my favourite books I use for an acute situation to guide me toward the perfect remedy is Homeopathic Self-care by Robert Ullman – it is quick and easy and gives me a great starting point on my healing journey.

Thanks to the Amazon, most remedies can now be purchased online and quickly delivered right to your door:  Gelsemium, Plantago Major ( I order all my remedies from Homeocan by calling them because the remedy may not be listed on their site) , Arnica, Nux Vomica and Coffea Cruda.

Your turn!  What’s your favourite healing modality that helps keep your business moving forward?

Okie dokie!  So these are a few of my best tips for staying on track in my business using simple and natural remedies.

But I know everyone is different!

So I’d love for you to share some of your favourite healing modalities.  Head on over to my Instagram and share your favourite tips.


Disclaimer:  I am not a certified Homeopath.  The information above is not considered medical advice or intended to prescribe.  Be sure to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional for your health concerns, treatment, and diagnosis and always before altering any medication or existing protocol.