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How Angie’s website helped her double her client base

Angie wanted a fresh, modern and professional website that was easy to update and showed the value of hiring a professional home stager.

Angie loves helping people create practical solutions for preparation in selling, as well as guiding home owners through the process of selecting paint colours/furniture placement for their space.  Transitioning from a nursing background, Angie quickly figured out that a lot of houses were selling in 2 days so she needed to work with short time frames, repurpose what homeowners have, and educate them on the best way to stage their house.

"I was stressing about my website. I was worried about finding time to update it."

Angie wanted to focus on her real estate professionals and their clients' needs.

When her time to meet clients and build relationships was being compromised, Angie felt frustrated and stressed about finding time to update her website.  After spending a lot of her time in front of the computer trying to figure out how to build her site, she was never totally pleased with the look and final outcome.  Angie longed for a website with an updated look that was clean, clear, concise and organized.

Website redesign of Practical Staging Solutions that doubled Angie's client base.
Angie's old website


Together, we worked to design a website that gave Angie the ability to showcase her expertise confidently and attract the right clients to her business.

Our work began by exploring Angie's goals for her business and how that translated to her website.  We explored design options that would create a sense of calm for her visitors while remaining organized, clear and concise.  Angie wanted a fresh, modern and professional website that felt personable, friendly and supportive.


Website redesign of Practical Staging Solutions that doubled Angie's client base.
Angie's website helped her book new clients

Angie's website redesign began with a strategic plan.

Our goals for Angie's new website were to create a design that felt personable, friendly and supportive while still being organized and concise.  Showing real estate professionals the value of a professional home stager for their clients was also a high priority for Angie.  And finally, she wanted a website that was easy to update.

"Crystal asked the right questions to lead me down the path of creating a beautiful, professional website that represents me, my business and insight for future business growth."

Redesigning Angie's website to engage her visitors and attract more clients required strategic updates.  Here's what we needed to do:

  • Create an inviting, authentic user experience for her website visitors.
  • Strategically guide visitors through an intentional buying journey to the point of contact.
  • Communicate the value of Angie's services both visually and verbally.
  • Integrate a design element to make it super easy for Angie to showcase her portfolio.
  • Add more "Call-to-Action" buttons throughout her website to invite visitors to contact her.
  • Build trust with her visitors so that people get excited about the results they can expect from working with Angie.

We intentionally designed each page to meet Angie's goals, creating a flow that builds trust and authority so that visitors feel confident in their decision to work with her.

Her new homepage design elevates her brand and immediately communicates Angie's expertise.

We started Angie's project by designing a simple homepage that is fresh, inviting and professional.

"I am thrilled with the end result, a professional, clear, concise website that showcases me and my business."

We used her existing brand colours to create a consistent brand that felt intentional and impactful.

Each call-to-action button was intentionally positioned to lead visitors on a planned journey throughout her website.

Practical Staging Solutions Website Redesign Homepage displaying guided buying journey


Angie's website is easy to navigate and her visitors can quickly find how to contact her.

Coming from a background in nursing, Angie's work ethic is one of simplicity, minimalism and efficiency.   Her website represents the same kind of experience her clients can expect so that when they do choose to work with her, they already have a strong sense of ease and trust.  As such, the navigation was intentionally created to be simple and practical so that visitors could quickly find the information they needed and contact her when they were ready.

"The new site is professional, clear, concise, easy to navigate."

Angie's website redesign was easy to navigate

Showcasing Angie's skills and portfolio on her website positions her as an authority in her field so that visitors can feel confident in their choice to buy.

We needed a strategy to demonstrate Angie's creativity and vision for creating spaces in people's homes so that her visitors got excited about working with her.  The challenge was introducing a website element that Angie could quickly update with minimal technical skill required. Plus, Angie was busy and didn't have the time to be editing, sizing and compressing photos to upload to her website.

Angie was also very active on Instagram which provided the perfect solution to visually showcase her work and décor ideas.  We leveraged her social media account to display on her website and magic!  Her Instagram portfolio magically updated on her website without any technical intervention.

"I love the look and features that represent me and my business, Instagram feed and blog just to name a few."

Integrating Angie's Instagram images on her website also strengthened her brand recognition by showing her followers a consistent look across multiple platforms.

Angie's website redesign was easy to update

Visual elements were intentionally chosen to captivate Angie's audience and bring them one step closer to their buying decision.

Given that Angie's services provide results that are visual in nature, it was important to design a website that reflected the possibilities her clients could expect.  Angie was a natural at selecting images that were consistent with her brand and that inspired her visitors to imagine the results they could expect from working with her.  When visitors believe that you can deliver the results you promise, they can picture themselves working with you.  They get excited about working with you.  And they can imagine what life will look like after working with you.

Practical Staging Solutions Website Redesign - services page showing captivating photos to engage visitors.



Her website visitors needed more education to understand how Angie could enhance their life and help them achieve the results they were looking for.

People buy products and services from you when they understand the value you provide and the results they can expect.  We introduced blog content on Angie's website that positioned her as an expert in her field by giving tips, providing case studies and educating them on the benefits of hiring a home stager.  The additional content also increased Angie's SEO ranking and helped her get found online by prospective clients.

Practical Staging Solutions Website Redesign - blog content to create credibility and improve SEO


To support busy real estate professionals and home owners on the go, Angie's website was designed to be mobile responsive and display beautifully on all devices.

Real estate professional work at a very aggressive pace during their busy season and often don't have the time or energy to be carting their laptop around.  Designing Angie's website to be usable on all devices was critical to her ability to attract and retain new clients.

Angie's website looks great on mobile devices

The result - Angie's website redesign elevates her brand, builds trust and leads her ideals clients to the point of sale with ease.

Angie's services were designed to help overwhelmed homeowners reduce the guess-work and provide creative, practical solutions to enable maximum return and a quick sale of their home.  Now her website reflects the feeling of style and ease she brings to her clients.

"She has the creative vision to guide a business owner through the building of a website as well as the vision to provide insight for the business's future."

Here's what happened after we redesigned Angie's website:

  • Angie felt a surge in confidence to promote her website and was proud to share it with prospective clients.
  • She now has a website that is easy to navigate so that her visitors can quickly find the information they need.
  • Her website gives her visitors the sense of ease and simplicity that they need to reduce the overwhelm of selling their house.
  • Angie received positive feedback on her new website: "Many colleagues & clients comment on the seamless look and ease of use of the website."
  • Although Angie's newly designed website is beautiful and inviting, it also strategically guides visitors on a buying journey that builds trust and credibility to the point of sale.
  • Angie's website redesign aligns her brand with the experience she creates for her clients and immediately fosters a sense of trust with her new visitors.
"I am now in my 4th year of business and my client base has doubled in the last year."

An intentional website redesign up-leveled Angie's brand and helped her attract more of the clients she loves to work with.

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