You're in the right place!  I've renamed my business to create more simplicity and ease in your life.

Louise LeBrun

What they wanted …

Louise LeBrun, Founder of WEL-Systems Institute, wanted a forum where she could freely express herself while still promoting her most provocative books and audios.

What we created …

We transferred several years of her existing blog from her blog and restyled it to match her new branding.  We introduced a beautiful design to show-case her provocative books and audios where they could be easily found and purchased/downloaded from her new website.  Opt-in widgets were added so that visitors could sign up for occasional updates or get notified of new blog posts.  And finally, Louise’s Facebook and Twitter feed were added to the sidebar so readers could review the latest posts without leaving her website.

The results …

Louise was very excited to see the design and new elements come together and reflect her authentic self.  She appreciated the simplicity and ease of finding information on the website as well as how easy clients could purchase and download her eBooks and audios.

Crystal, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your keen eye, technical skills and great sense of play!  As I watch it all unfold, it feels ‘right’ for me – and I am very grateful.  As I get to see the changes and new elements come together, I can fine-tune my own expressions, as I go.  I greatly value the iterative process you’ve created that allows me to engage this way.


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