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This Single Mindset Shift Saved my Business

We’re in unprecedented times, aren’t we? You may be thinking – times are tough! People have lost jobs and are financially strapped. It would be unethical to sell now.

I know, I often feel this way as well.

As a matter of fact, when the lockdown started, one of my main clients halted all digital activities. It took me by surprise how quickly it happened. I was not prepared for this. I felt lost. How would I navigate through these uncertain times with tact and integrity?

I took a moment to breathe and thought carefully about my next step. I reviewed the content my client had planned for the next month. It was actually content that would help their customers, and in so many ways, navigate the realities of our situation.

However, this was still a delicate matter.  I didn’t want to sound desperate or sleazy.

So I carefully crafted my recommendations, reviewed them, and sent them out. I waited with nervous anticipation and it was several days before my client replied.

In the meantime, like everybody else on the planet, I explored how to move forward with my business to survive and thrive in these extraordinary times.

Here's how I approached my clients

  • I reminded my client that many of their customers are probably at a loss of what to do and not appreciating the value they (my client) would be providing to their customers. Sending out articles would reinforce the trust they have established with their customers and the feeling that their clients are being taken care of.
  • Helping customers with tips that help them solve a problem also builds your authority and positions you as a guide so that they think of you for future services and/or referrals.
  • From a pure consciousness perspective, I asked my client if they would be doing their customers a disservice by not sending them these tips? Would their customers potentially suffer a setback as a result of not following the advice they had planned on sending.
  • I also reminded them of the importance of sharing and staying top-of-mind because if they don’t share the advice, you can be guaranteed that a competitor will and that their competitor's blog posts would be showing up to their customers rather than their own.
  • And finally, I suggested that they should implement my recommendations themselves regardless of whether they used my services or not.

Several days later, to my delight, my clients accepted my suggestions and we moved forward with a very engaging month.

3 Questions you need to ask yourself before recommending your services to a client

Are  you providing value with your recommendation?

You want to ensure you provide value with everything you do for your clients.

  • Are you helping them solve a problem?
  • Are you making it easier for them to reach their goals?
  • Are you helping them feel more empowered?

You want your clients to experience success, feel more confident and be inspired to continue on their path to get the results they desire.

Are you doing your clients a disservice by not letting them know about your suggestions?

This is the real test to the integrity of your recommendations to your clients.

  • What would the result be if you did not share your recommendations with them?
  • Loss of engagement with your community and potentially to your competitors?
  • Having your followers feel like they have been abandoned during a time they needed it most?
  • Loss of credibility and authority because you are not showing up as the guide that your community so needs during these uncertain times.

With these thoughts in mind, you know you need to share your recommendations otherwise you may feel like you let your clients down. You want to empower them to take action.

Would you make the recommendation without your involvement?

In order to show that you are doing this from a pure point of service to your clients, suggest the recommendation be implemented regardless if you are involved or not. By doing so, you will feel like you are acting out of integrity for your client’s success and not for your own personal gain.

Even though you hope that your clients extend your services, you will feel so passionate about keeping your clients engaged with their customers that you will have the courage to share your suggestions.

Operating from a mindset of service can elevate your brand

Taking initiative on sharing your suggestions requires courage and leadership, which the world needs right now! Actions like these strengthen your brand and attract more of the people that appreciate values like leadership, integrity and honesty.

Every interaction you have with your followers impacts how you and your brand are perceived. I know you want to be taken seriously, reach more people, and make a difference in people’s lives. Sure, you want to have some light and fun interactions once in a while. For the most part, you are passionate about helping people overcome challenges and experience huge transformations.

By asking these questions before you provide recommendations to your clients, you are showing them that you sincerely care about their success. They can see that you are being intentional about the value you provide to them and that you lead your business with integrity. You are empowering them! Your authenticity will shine through when they feel how strongly you want them to succeed. Who wouldn’t want to work with a brand that leads with integrity and empowerment?

You, my friend, are in a perfect position to elevate your brand by demonstrating how you can be of service during these challenging times.

Imagine this was your best friend going through this difficult time. What advice would you offer to her? People don’t know what they don’t know. How could you enlighten her with one actionable tip, that she wasn’t even aware was an issue, that would change the trajectory of her life. This is your time to shine so you can help your clients shine.

PS:  Now, more than ever, I am on a mission to help healers, coaches and creatives to bring more energy, joy and beauty into this world.  To shine more light on those dark days so you can help those people in need.  I'm here for you if you're ready to take that next step 🙂