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What to look for when hiring a brand and web designer?

Branded websites and what to look for when hiring a web designer.
Hire the brand web designer of your dreams with these 7 simple tips.
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Do you need a website rebrand? How do you know?

Mood board for a website rebrand.
Finding the disconnects and gaps in your brand can help you elevate your brand and create deep connections with more clients.
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How can sleep make you a better entrepreneur?

Comfy bed with laptop inviting Entrepreneur to get better sleep for peak performance.
Intentionally creating good sleep habits can help you achieve peak productivity and effectiveness in your business. Here's how ...
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Elevate the health of your business using these simple metrics

Entrepreneur reviewing her business metrics
Marketing effectiveness, profit, and conversion rates are important metrics for managing your business well.
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How can you get more clients?

Business woman smiling as she reflects on how to get more clients.
Eliminate obstacles to conversion and make it easy for potential clients to work with you.
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Is it possible to have a brand that is beautiful, authentic and strategic?

Cozy backyard landscape design that is beautiful, authentic and strategic.
3 Elements of an effective brand plus what you need to start with first.
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I’m a healer, not a business expert. How can I fix what’s wrong in my business?

Wooden door with welcome sign inviting prospects into your business so you can fix your business.
A few small business strategies can transform your business and create abundance in your life.
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