You're in the right place!  I've renamed my business to create more simplicity and ease in your life.

Sharing insight and wisdom to help you create beautiful results for your business and your life.

Dreaming of landing the perfect clients? Do this first.

Business owner working with dream client at coffee shop.
Have you ever wondered why you are captivated by some websites and not others?  What makes you remember one brand and completely forget the rest?  Stay tuned as we dive into how and who your brand engages so you can attract more of the clients you love to work with.
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Why I changed my business name to Simplicity and Design

Why I changed my business name to Simplicity And Design
Does your business name light you up? Does it resonate with your dream clients! Does it capture your brand essence? Wondering if you should change your name? Here's my story and why I'm thrilled I did.
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How much does it cost to build a website?

Desktop with beautiful website begging the question of how much it costs to build a website.
Wondering why a website costs so much? I can help you determine what you need. Ready to feel empowered?
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How Angie’s website helped her double her client base

Practical Staging Solutions - Living Room
Thinking about getting your website redesigned? Learn about the 6 strategies we used to elevate her brand.
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How can you make more money doing the work you love?

Woman smiling and exploring how she can make money doing the work she loves.
Let’s talk about that “dirty little secret” us passion-driven Entrepreneurs hate to talk about.  Money!
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Should you hire a copywriter for your website?

Entrepreneur writing core message and wondering whether she should hire a copywriter.
When you combine great website design that supports your core message, you will create a memorable experience for your clients.
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How I use homeopathy to get more energy and clarity in my business

Entrepreneur feeling energized and thinking with clarity using holistic healing modality
Discover my secret sauce to staying healthy and focused without the side effects of medication.
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