You're in the right place!  I've renamed my business to create more simplicity and ease in your life.

Sharing insight and wisdom to help you create beautiful results for your business and your life.

Is it possible to have a brand that is beautiful, authentic and strategic?

Beautiful website on iPad
3 Elements of an effective brand plus what you need to start with first.
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How can sleep make you a better entrepreneur?

Comfy bed with laptop inviting Entrepreneur to get better sleep for peak performance.
Intentionally creating good sleep habits can help you achieve peak productivity and effectiveness in your business. Here's how ...
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This Single Mindset Shift Saved my Business

Hands holding earth globe sharing your gifts
Selling with soul and making a difference is easier than you think.
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Branding Is SO Much More Than Your Logo

Branding is so much more than a logo
Branding can be a missed opportunity if we think of it as “just our logo”.
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How can you use simple beauty to improve your mood?

Lavender field depicting simple beauty to improve my mood
Running your business requires focus, creativity and an open mind. A beautiful workspace will give you the confidence to show up and be the best you can be.
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Dreaming of landing the perfect clients? Do this first.

Business owner working with dream client at coffee shop.
Have you ever wondered why you are captivated by some websites and not others?  What makes you remember one brand and completely forget the rest?  Stay tuned as we dive into how and who your brand engages so you can attract more of the clients you love to work with.
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Why I changed my business name to Simplicity and Design

Why I changed my business name to Simplicity And Design
Does your business name light you up? Does it resonate with your dream clients! Does it capture your brand essence? Wondering if you should change your name? Here's my story and why I'm thrilled I did.
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